Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wretched: Matt Chandler Nails It!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring time in the Big Easy.

Well folks, here it is, April 2nd, and wintertime has passed here in NOLA.
This was an interesting year for me.
With the birth of the daughter, many things have changed
and only a few have stayed the same.
St Patricks day in NOLA is always fun.
We grilled with some friends on Magazine Street, and watched the parade with the girl.

And Mardi Gras


And the blessed evening when she started sleeping through the night

From this small little bundle of joy

To the big girl that she is now becoming

This little Lady, is making our lives full, in every sense of the word.
I don't have a moment of free time to spare,
and my heart has never had more love to give.
And our journey with India Jaymes is just beginning.
Stay tuned, stay big, stay easy..

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving day is soon upon us.
and this year, with as much as I have to be thankful for, and it is quite a haul,
I am also slightly apprehensive, and anxious about what the future holds.
On one hand, I have my life, my loving Wife, and my gorgeous daughter, India Jaymes
to be infinitely thankful for.
And although Indi has been the most amazing blessing I could have asked for,
this blessing has not been without it's, growth moments.
Sleepless nights, trips to the NICU, and most recently, India had her surgery, to correct
the drainage in the duplicated ureter from her kidney.
I am humbled that this responsibility has been entrusted to me as a father to live up to.
I as well, am painfully aware of the gravitas that this calling holds.
As I embrace my daughter, as I calm her cries, and sooth her in any way that I can,
I am aware of the fact that this, is the easy stage.
That shortly, she will be crawling, then walking, then running.
That she will progress from infant, to toddler, to child, to teen, to woman, and I will always be
trying to shield her, to comfort her, to protect her from whatever seeks to do her harm.

My daughter came into the world,
like this...

And then, slowly, progressed to this stage...

            And now, unbelievably has grown this much...


And, she is getting so much more opinionated, expressive, and prone
to let us know when she is not happy with something.
Yes folks, Fatherhood is a blessing, but it is also incredibly weighty
at least if you are doing it right..
It is akin to the old adage, if you aren't anxious, you aren't paying attention.
And this Big Easy Daddy, is most defiantly paying attention.
I'm watching you little Indi Girl, watching you grow, progress,
and as you become more and more of the woman God has destined you to be,
I'll be there to protect, guide and shelter you from as much of, and as many
of the storms that life should throw at you.

And my, look at how far you have already come, since we were first introduced...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Well folks,
I would have posted this sooner, but this has been a busy week.
Tuesday, October 2nd, my wife went in for her regular Baby checkup,
and it was determined that the baby had turned over, and was now head up
as well as Michelle had very high blood pressure.
She was delivered via C-Section on the same day at 7:48 PM.
Because she was a little over 4 weeks early, she was only briefly in view before they took
her away to the NICU (Baby ICU).
My wife and I spent a few days in the hospital, her convalescing from her surgery, me, trying to not lose my mind from not being able to be with my child.
I must have made at least 2 dozen trips per day to the NICU each day, while we were in the hospital.
And upon our being released Saturday, my daughter needed to stay behind, and get stronger.
Well, now my daughter is coming home tomorrow!!
We get to bring our little angel home!!
This is literally, an answer to my prayers.
I prayed for her to go home on Wed. and although we are going to "Overnight" in the hospital, we could have brought her home today. The wife wants to do the overnight in the hospital for a comfort level.
So, tomorrow we bring our baby home, and my life truly begins.
Brothers, trust me when I tell you this, Jesus has given me redemption of my soul,
and my daughter has given me redemption of all my wasted years.
One look into her eyes, one smile, one firm grasp of Daddy's finger, and I knew an awesome redemption I had heretofore never experienced.
And it felt AWESOME!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Man, this blog has been collecting dust.
But, I believe it is time to pick it up, dust it off and post again.
So, my wife and I are expecting a baby in November.
We have found out, through the magic of Dopplar, that it is to be a girl..
I am so excited, but anxious at the same time.
So many questions, uncertainties about raising a baby girl to adulthood.
I mean, I have never been a girl.. unless you count that one drunken mistake in
Providence, but I digress.
We are busy buying cutesy little outfits, onesies, and books for the little girl.
I am looking at a Cabbage patch dll, so she will have a real, imaginary friend.
I pray she has my wifes intelligence, my humor, and an open loving heart.
I will post the ultrasound photos this weekend if I can..
Keep posted, and stay tuned..
I'm back Baby!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Life in the "Big Easy"

I am going to be a father.
How amazingly, and completely life has changed in just a year.
I went from living in Boston, MA, working for Partners Health care, with a new wife..
to living in New Orleans, trying to run a small Handyman business, with a wife I love completely,
and we are expecting a Baby..
Such a completely different path to one I ever envisioned for myself.
I guess, I am writing this Blog as a journal of sorts, to share my hopes, and fears about fatherhood.
I never really had a father, so I am not sure how qualified I am to become one, in a truly supportive sense.
Although,  I am amazingly blessed to have quite a few amazing, qualified fathers, and brothers in Christ around me to help me prepare for what is to come, so with this, and a lot of prayer, I just might be a halfway decent father.
However, right now, it still doesn't seem real, well, at least not to me.
For Michelle, this is a whole other story. She is bearing all of the burden of nausea, body changes, etc, which she will throughout the pregnancy, but for me, I still keep waiting for the big exclamation of "Aprils' Fool!!"
So, one thing I am doing is I am looking for a real job, with Insurance, and more stable pay, as a Baby needs to be cared for A LOT.
Man, it will be so strange to have a baby as part of our family, I am excited, but also a little nervous.
I mean, this is an entirely new thing for me. Becoming a father is a full time job, which will never end, as long as I, or the child are alive.
Kind of like being a Husband, which I have not been the best at so far either.
I guess I have two roles to work on becoming more proficient at, Husband, and Father.
I can only continue to look to those around me who are already doing a stellar job at both roles for insight, encouragement and mentorship, and looking to Christ, first and foremost as my role model in both roles.
So, as I begin this journey, with my wife at my side, I will post my thought, hopes, fears and dreams for my new life..
Feel free to chime in from time to time, if you would like, as I can always use the assistance.